Kelas Memasak-Cooking class

Morning guys and welcome to “your second Indonesian Cooking Class” chez Hyperfluent.

Today, I want to teach you how to make one of the most popular and delicious desserts in Indonesia. I will give you a couple of hints:it is multi-colored, sugary, and “coconuty-flavored”!

Can you guess what it may be? No? Its okay.

Today we will learn how to make Senthiling. Senthiling is one the most common sweets eaten in Yogyakarta on a daily basis. Indonesians eat it while they take strolls in streets such as Malioboro Street.

The following are ingredients you will need to create your own Senthiling masterpiece:

(This recipe is good enough for five servings.)

* Cassava: 500 grams

* Granulated sugar: 150 grams

* Powder agar-agar (natural vegetable gelatin powder): 3 packages, each 7 grams (my recommendation: the Satelit brand)

* Water: 200 ml

* Salt: to taste

* Vanilla extract: 1/4 teaspoon

* Dyes: Red, yellow, green

* Margarine: 25 grams

* Half of a coconut: 1/4 grated


1. Wash the cassava. Grate the cassava and then mash it until it is smooth.

2. Mix the grated coconut with a little bit of salt and then steam it. Set it aside.

3. Boil the gelatin powder with water until the mixture is boiling. Let it stay lukewarm.

4. Mix all ingredients except for the grated coconut, the dyes, and the margarine. At this time you should have a slightly moist batter mix. Stir all the ingredients until the batter is evenly mixed.

5. Split the dough into three separate bowls. Take the dye and give each bowl some color dye (about 2-3 drops) . Take one bowl which contains 1/3 of the batter and dye it red. Do the same with another bowl which contains another 1/3 of the batter (dye it yellow) followed by the last 1/3 of the batter (dye it green).

6. Cover the tin pan with margarine. Cut thin pieces of baking paper. Place baking paper on top of the tin pans and spread the margarine over the baking paper.

7. Pour the batter into the tin pan. Make sure the height of the batter reaches an estimated 1.5 cm.

8. Steam until it is cooked, approximately for 30 minutes.

9. Once cooked, let the tin baking dishes cool and then begin making little round balls of the  Senthiling.

10. After the round balls have been made, sprinkle shaved coconut on top of each little round piece.

11. Serve and Selamat makan (Bon appetit in Bahasa Indonesia) ! 😉

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