Hyperfluent’s Favorite Food Spots in Yogyakarta

After searching high and low, east and west, north and south, Hyperfluent found some of the best places to eat traditional Indonesian food as well as Italian, organic, Chinese, Western, and desserts in Yogyakarta. I hope you enjoy my recommendations as much as I did discovering them out for the first time. Bon appetit!

*Side note: Please remember that some telephone numbers include the (62) this is the country code for Indonesia, you do not have to dial it if you are already inside of Indonesia.

Hillman’s Potato Wedges with Keiju (Cheese)

1. Milas: Organic heaven served in every platter. If you are like myself or my closest friends, organic food is a must in your diet. Nestled in a lush of green, Milas is a vegetarian restaurant that serves both Indonesian and Western food. No MSG or artificial flavors are used in any of the plates. Enjoy a light read of newspapers, magazines, and games while you savour your meal. The tempe vegetable salad and the watermelon (semangka)  mint juice are two of Hyperfluent’s top picks. You can also visit the library where you can pay 20,000 rupiah (approximately 2 dollars) for a year’s membership  to take out any book from their Italian, French, German, Russian, and English collections. You can also purchase white cheese made in the Milas Kitchen and vegetables from its organic garden.

Location: Jalan Prawirotawan IV 127B, Yogyakarta 55153/ telephone number: +62 274 7423399.

2. Best Dumpling Soup:  Mie Bandung on Jalan Prof. Dr. Herman Yohanes No. 107 (Sagan). Hands down the best place to get dumpling soup otherwise known as “Bakso Pangsit”. Although the venue consists of one hallway filled with tables, its dumpling soup is delightful. The meat used within the dumpling soup carries a punch of  local spices. Don’t be surprised if you ask for more than one portion at a time. You can also order “Udang” or shrimp, I recommend their “Udang Goreng Mentega” or fried buttered shrimp. If you want to try some more local food you can try ordering their “Cap Cai Goreng” as well.

Location: Jalan Prof. Dr. Herman Yohanes No.107/telephone number: +62 274587261.

3. Gadjah Wong: This “warung” is located on the banks of the Gadjah (means elephant) Wong River. Waroengs tend to be small family business owned ventures where you can eat or buy things like cigarettes and or candy. In the case of Gadjah Wong, this warung is a firmly established beautiful restaurant that caters to everyone’s taste. The lighting of the venue is outstanding. At the venue there are two main areas to sit down. From the entrance the one on the left is located within a garden amidst open air while the second is left of the entrance. The second area is located under the stairs and is not located in open air but underground. If you like live music you can enjoy it from across your table on Saturday evenings. On one of my visits, the music was orchestrated by four Spanish guitars playing boleros, mariachi, and salsa. My dinner consisted of glazed duck and a fresh vegetable salad. Other delicacies include Indonesian cuisine and a great selection of French wines.

Location: PO Box 111 YKBS, Jalan Gejayan, Condongcatu/telephone number: +62 274588294.

4. The House of Raminten: If just for the experience of “lesehan” or “sitting on the floor” and the very tall and colorful drinks, you should visit this venue at least once. Established by Raminten, a “wanita pria”, Waria or lady boy is one of the first successful business transvestites in Indonesia.

Location: Jl. FM Noto No. 7/telephone number: +62 274586928.

5. Cak Parno: Best Bakso.

Cozy location close to the Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta.

Location: Jalan Lembah UGM Karangmalan D. 28/telephone number: +62 87838285885/+62 85868684997

6. Mie Cékér: This place definitely has the best Mie Ayam or “noodles with chicken” in town. For the adventurous soul, you can always try the “Mie Cékér” or noodles with Chicken legs.

Location: Jalan Rw Mongonsidi No. 7 Jetis Jogjakarta/telephone number +62 274 585565.

7. Coklat: for that sweet tooth inside. One of the best drinks in this venue is their hot chocolate with the cinnamon spice on top. I also recommend their Beef Carbonara and their dark chocolate cake. Portions tend to be small but delicious.

Coklat’s infamous Hot Chocolate with cinnamon on top.

Location: Jalan Cik Ditiro No. 19/telephone number: +62 274 546446.

8. Kalimilk: This little hub has some of the best milkshakes including their KB Cookies Milk Shake. Another top-notch item on the menu are the rissoles keju or “small deep fried croquettes filled with cheese”.

Jalan Lempongsari Raya No.250 (Ngaglik), Sleman, DI Yogyakarta/telephone number: +62 274 888999

9. Kedai Bambu: If your looking for fried mushroom, one of the common staples in Indonesian food known as  “jamur goreng”, this is the place. Make sure you stop by even if you take it to go or “di bunkus”.

10. Paztaholic: Home to some of the best fettucini carbonara and “fatte in casa lasagne”, its homemade lasagna, Paztaholic is a great place to “makan a la Italia” (Bahasa Indonesia) or eat the Italian way. Portions are usually single portions and range in price from 27,000 rupiah to about 35,000 rupiah (about 2.7 to 3.5 dollars).

Location: Jalan Cendrawasih 8 Demangan Baru/ telephone: +62 274 8599147

11. Warung in front of Klebengan neighborhood and in front of the Faculty of Livestock of UGM. Number one food recommendation is the “Oseng-oseng sapi”.  You can always ask for a portion of “terong” or eggplant on the side. Oseng-oseng sapi consists of shredded beef mixed with pieces of carrots, onions, and garlic in a broth. Best served with a side portion of white rice or “nasi putih”. Make sure you go to the last warung on your right hand side.

Location: Klebengan, Depot Sleman 55281.

12. Kuki donuts: This bakery specializes in doughnuts, wedding cakes, cupcakes and tarts. Favorites: their Mocha doughnuts.

Location: Gejayan, Jalan Flamboyan 34C/telephone number: +62 274 9135399.

13. Semesta: One of my favorite dishes of this Warung is their Pisang Bakar otherwise known in English as their Grilled Bananas. For about 6,000 rupiahs (aproximately 0.60 American cents), you can get one of these tiny and delightful desserts.

Location: Jalan Abubakar Ali No.2 Kota Baru Jogja

14. Obonk Steak & Ribs: One of the best warungs to get steak. Ever feel like you miss that Tenderloin BBQ Steak back in the States? How about combining it with a Lemon Squash? Here in Jogja Lemon Squash is a drink made off soda and lemon syrup perfect for when you want to quench your thirst during the raining season. Side note: you can also find this venue in major cities throughout Indonesia.

15. HillMan: Do you simply love steak? Ever think you may be more of a carnivore? This lucky find across the Faculty of Social Sciences at the Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta has one of my favorites: a great Black Pepper Beef Steak!

Location: Jalan Affandi Gg. Guru No. 12/telephone number: +62 274 589886

16. Il Mondo: If you are looking for a real Italian pizza, this restaurant is by far my favorite in Yogyakarta. If you like beef make sure to try their Beef BBQ pizza. Another one of my favorites is the Quattro Formaggi. The crust of these pizzas is just perfect. You can always add an avocado juice (this is one of Indonesia’s most popular and refreshing drinks) and or their Blueberry juice.

The typical mouthwatering pizza at Il Mondo.

17. Restoran Taman PringSewu: Located in the north of Yogyakarta, this warung’s atmosphere is nothing but zen and peaceful. If you happen to have a family there is a children’s playground right near the entrance. Once you enter, you can sit in the front of the restaurant or in the courtyard in the back. I recommend the courtyard in the back because each table is surrounded by lush greenery from both sides. Some of their top notch dishes include: Gurameh Bakar (Gurame Fish), Ayam Bakar, Sop Buntut (Oxtail Soup) , and Es Duren (Durian Ice Cream).

Two Locations: Jalan Gambir (Selatan Perc. Kanisius) Dersan/telephone number: +62 274 6411921 or Jalan Jend Suirman 99-101/telephone number: +62 274 9232961

18. CowMad: This warung’s specialty is its “Iga Bakar” or Grilled Ribs. One of their other well-known dishes is its Sup Iga or their shredded rib soup (24,500 rupiahs). CowMad just released its “Cowmats”, which are plates that have small portions of different main dishes. One of these plates includes their Iga Bakar Cowmad, Brokoli Ca Bawang Putih (Garlic Broccoli), Pisang Bakar Madu (Honey Grilled Bananas), and Nasi Putih (white rice).

Location: Jalan Raya Magelang Km.9, Sleman/telephone number: +62 274 867708.

19. Kobra: This imperial kitchen serves a wider variety of very interesting dishes. What do I mean by interesting dishes?  You can easily find Frog Legs or Cékér Kodok or ask for the Ular Bakar, or grilled snake. If those two dishes do not measure up to your tastes, which I am sure they certainly will you can try their Mongolian Beef  known as their Sapi Hitam Lada.

Location: Jalan Hayam Wuruk 19/telephone number: +62 274 561021/516771.

20. Gotri: Last but not least on my list of Favorite Food Spots is this tiny hole in the alley, not hole in the wall. This warung is snuggled inside Gang Kinanthi 9 off of Jalan Kaliurang. Every time I craved nasi goreng (fried rice) with beef I never seemed to find one single place that had it-that is, until I discovered Gotri. Their Nasi Bakar Kare Sapi leaves nothing to the imagination. The rice is filled with pieces of beef and the combination is rolled and wrapped in a banana leaf. The Sup Iga Goreng, or rib soup comes with its portion of heart-shaped rice. Another delicious choice is their Udang Cabe Hijau (Shrimp with Green chili). Please remember that the chili in Indonesia might be a bit spicy for your taste buds. My advice is to ask to have a little bit of chili or “sedikit”. For all the chili lovers out there, you can just order this dish without any reservations.

Location: Gang Kinanthi 9 Jalan Kaliurang km 4.5 (kilometer)/telephone number (also their delivery number): +62 274 560333.


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