Best restaurants in Bali and Pangandaran


1. Café Bali (Seminyak, Bali)

One of the best-known restaurants in Seminyak, Café Bali will not only captivate you with its garlic shrimp or its pumpkin gnocchi but also with its Baliesque decor throughout the cafe. Silver dishes filled with pink rose petals on every wooden table and its dangling bee-hive golden plated and necklace chandeliers decorate the entire restaurant. You can also find white elephant statues throughout the restaurant as well as a small pool overlooking the middle of the restaurant and a terrace. Its sweetest treats: the Frikandel Special, the Berry Crumble, and the Molleaux Chocolat.

Location: Jalan Oberoi.

2. Tékor Bali

This beachside restaurant and bar in Legian beach is great for breakfast. Breakfast not only includes eggs (any style you want them) and fruit but also toast and sausage or bacon. The great thing about Bali is that in case you do like and enjoy bacon “babi” you can do so here as opposed to many other parts of Indonesia where it is not sold.

Location: Legian Kaja-Kuta, Bali/telephone number: +62 361735268. Email:

3. Seaside

Hands down the best grilled mahi-mahi fillet in Bali. This restaurant’s decor is also very elegant. Its ceiling is designed to be  wave-like in shape.

Location: Jalan Pantai Arjuna – Blue Ocean Beach. Legian / Seminyak – Bali 80361. Telephone number: +62 361737140.

4. Pawan Pasundan (Tuban, Kuta, Bali)

Once more enjoy sitting in a warung “lesehan” style while looking at the tiny ponds and vast greenery throughout this restaurant. My favorite dishes are: the Timblet Komplit Ayam, the Bandrek, and the Gepuk Serundeng. Bandrek is a hot spicy drink made out of ginger known as “jahe” and coconut milk known as “kelapa susu”. Gepuk Serundeng is beef jerky mixed with grated coconut.

Location: Jalan Kediri No. 2  Tuban, Kuta Bali/telephone number: +62 361755833.

5. Gelato Secrets (Ubud, Bali)

This small gelato parlor has a wide array of flavors throughout the month. Be out on the lookout for their rose petal and passion fruit flavored gelatos.

Location: Jalan Monkey Forest.

6. Three Monkeys (Ubud, Bali)

Location: Monkey Forest Rd.

7. Naughty Nuris Warung  (Ubud, Bali)

Barbecue paradise. Hyperfluent’s recommendations: Naughty Nuris’ pork ribs with 1 tiny bowl of spice sauce or their caramelised pork ribs with their famous barbecue sauce and a side of their potato wedges.

Location: Tromol Pos No. 219, Ubud 80571/telephone number: +62 361977547.

8. Warung Sop (Ubud, Bali)

Equipped with Free Wifi, this warung only serves 100% vegetarian food.

One of the best highlights of this place is that every Sunday there is an organic market. The market begins at 9:30 am and sells things such as organic vegetables, tofu, japanese sweets, and handmade soap.

Location: Jalan Sugriwa No. 36 Padang Tegal Ubud/telephone number: +62 361 2765897.

9. Star Anise (Kuta, Bali)

Ayam Goreng (Fried Chicken), Ayam Panggang (Grilled Chicken), and its Nasi Goreng (fried rice) are the staples of this restaurant. The decor is extremely peaceful. All guests are welcomed by a beautiful green lush garden in the middle of the venue.

Location: Jalan Setia Budi 8, Kuta 80361/telephone number: +62 361 757855.

Pangandaran, Java

1. Café Momento

Serves some of the best Iced Expresso and a special drink called “Lucy in the Sky” after the famous Beatles song. Ask for their Momento Burgers tiny but delish.

2. Karya Bahari (Jalan Talanca Pantai Timur, Pangandaran)

Although at first glance the warung  looks like a fish market, where every fish, shrimp, lobster and other seafood is placed in a foam cooler with ice, the food will never disappoint you. I highly recommend ordering a portion of  steamed vegetables known as “sayur dikukus”, one portion of shrimp known as “udang”, and a fish known as “ikan”. Prices for the fish range between 50,000-80,000 (6 to 9 dollars )rupiah while the price for the shrimp ranges between 35,000-45,000 (4 to 6 dollars) rupiah.

Location: Jalan Talanca Pantai Timur/telephone number: (0265) 639838.

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