Word of the day: Derretir (Spanish)

Today’s Word of the day is “derretir” which means to melt. Key words to help you remember this are the following. Un “reto” is a challenge and when something has already melted completely, it poses a certain challenge: “how do I eat this ice cream?”.

My answer? Just ask for a milkshake of your favorite ice cream ;).

Example: Los helados derretidos no son tan sabrosos.
Translation: Melted ice cream is not so tasty.  

In this example, the verb turns into an adjective, describing a “type” of ice cream. Since the word “helados” is a masculine, plural word it has to be described by a masculine plural adjective; hence “derretidos”. In Spanish, similar to many Romance languages and other languages, an adjective must agree in gender (masculine, femenine, or neuter) and number (singular, plural) with the noun it describes.


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