Learning in dual-language enrichment sessions. These sessions teach both native and non-native English speakers in two languages with the goal of developing bilingual fluency. Your child will refine his or her language abilities by obtaining everyday vocabulary in activities such as cooking, singing, or taking pictures in the targeted language. Timing can range from eight weekly hour-long classes to four weekly hour-long classes.


  1. Singing in Turkish: "Şarkı Söylüyoruz"

  2. Photography in Spanish: "Color en Fotos"

  3. Brazilian Cooking in Portuguese: "Culinaria Brasileira"

Educational and Immersive Experiences

Join the "Culture Artistique" to explore NYC’s art and museums in French

To book one of our curated tour guides or educational experiences please contact us at 954-815-0883 or [email protected]

Curated Tour Guide

  1.  Mommy and I go to Sicily - "Mamma vado in Sicilia"

  2. Food Tour/Eating in “Italian, Spanish, and French” - EATALY

  3. Japanese Culture & Etiquette/ Tea “Chanoyu” Ceremony