If I could add additional stars to this testimonial, I would. The daughter of a friend of ours had to complete one semester of French II over the summer in preparation for the new school year. I was desperate to find someone who came highly recommended, but who could also work at an accelerated pace with this young woman. To our great good fortune, we found Eva. Eva systematically went through the entire coursework with an emphasis on grammar and conversational French which helped our friend achieve her goal. The girl completed French II and passed the entrance test to French III with flying colors. This major accomplishment would not have been possible without Eva. Eva’s level of professionalism, impressive education, linguistic acumen, and her knowledge of French is that of a native speaker. She clearly works well with any age group and all levels including highly advanced focused areas.

 -Jeanette L., CEO at JHL and Federal Contractor, hired Hyperfluent as a French tutor

 Great tutor. Excellent communication skills, inside knowledge of the French culture and very familiar with Paris. She has an easy pace, makes the lesson amicable and easy to learn, she can relate to everyday examples to make a point across, and she has a very deep knowledge of the French language. Furthermore, because she is fluent in 9 languages, she can give an example on my native language as well so I can understand the meaning of a particular phrase.  An excellent resource for
my business trips to Paris. 

 -Fabian, hired Hyperfluent as a French tutor

My kids love Spanish and they love practicing it at home. Prior to classes they would never speak with their only Spanish speaking nanny.

Now they talk to her all the time!


- Jean L. Trescott, Psychologist, hired Hyperfluent as a Spanish tutor

THANK YOU Hyperfluent!!! You gave me exactly what I needed. It is incredible how different my personal statement looked after following your detailed oriented advice! By following your recommendations I was able to give my PS a new, fresh and strong attitude and I got the position

I was pursuing. Thank you again!!!

- Lucy G., MD, Resident OB/GYN, hired Hyperfluent as an English tutor

I had the great privilege to learn Spanish from Eva. Well-organized course plan and always trying to teach something extra makes her a teacher who is always able to maintain high standards. She is dedicated, hard-working, extremely helpful, and really fun to work with. 


-Abhishek K, Sr. Portfolio Management Associate at PIMCO,

hired Hyperfluent as a Spanish tutor


Eva is one of the most authentic, unique and incredible individuals I have ever met. She not only understands people and what it means to teach (a foreign language) -- but uses her own experiences and difficulties that she encountered during her own education to help and relate to others. I hired Eva to teach me Portuguese [with bits of Spanish in between] and have been nothing but satisfied and pleased with the results. She is patient and has deep inside knowledge of the subjects that she teaches. She is exceptionally personable. Eva is always willing to step up to the plate and take on any challenge that comes her way. Whether this is teaching someone who has no prior knowledge of a subject or traveling to the other end of the world for the betterment of her education. I highly recommend Eva and her work to anyone looking to learn a new language, educate themselves on a new culture or requiring an employee in the security and international relations sphere. As a master of nine languages, a citizen of the world and highly educated individual, Eva is a gem.

-Sasha Muradali, Associate Creative Director @ Unilever,

hired Hyperfluent as a Portuguese tutor